A Queer version of love and marriage

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HEA 310
Tiq Milan and Kim Katrin Milan take us on a seventeen-minute journey that touches on a variety of topics we have covered thus far this semester. Their TEDTalk, A Queer Vision of Love and Marriage, connects dots, and exposes layers which are important in ALL relationships. Listen intently as two different people, who had never met before cross paths on a social media site and become a model of possibility for so many. Their ideas around the LGBTQ community, gender roles and norms, love, intimacy and the importance of communication reflect some of our discussions thus far. As a class we will begin to look at the importance of communication from listening to understand both self and partner, how to recommit after disagreements, and lastly maintaining open lines of communication even in the darkest most vulnerable states.

Leading by example, Tiq and Kim are a model of possibility for many who think or believe family and matrimony are not for them. Because as they state “trans or queer folks are rarely reflected in this way in society”. They are sharing concepts such as building families on love, guided by compassion and creating new love languages through authenticity. They are interested in a revolutionary change based on inclusion and love. Changing minds and rewarding conversations to create a world where love belongs to us ALL.

Please provide a written response based on the IDEAS and IDEALS Tiq and Kim share in their presentation. Think about love, compassion, and inclusion of all folks regardless of gender or orientation, remembering their desire is to not leave ANYONE behind. Strong foundations are a key to ALL relationships. What are your most important take-aways from this TEDTalk for building lasting and meaningful relationships in the future? What are key components for strong foundations in your relationships? (One page or more, single spaced, 12 font)

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