A memo to Rita

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Key points to contemplate as you formulate your thoughts:
As several of your astute peers noted in the discussion we had about the case at the end of class Rita’s comments in the case indicate that she is outcome-oriented. In ethics we would probably say she seems to be utilitarian- (she said in the case she wants to do what is best for everyone involved- this is very utilitarian-esque). What that means is your memo should similarly be outcome focused. She has two basic/fundamental choices within her control and each of those choices has a range of foreseeable outcomes good and bad for the key stakeholders (Rita herself, her company, ABC, the investors).
Methodically lay out the range of outcomes for each of the two choices in a way that helps her achieve full awareness of the implications and gravity of each choice.
As a consultant in a case like this, you are very likely valued primarily for your detached position from this situation that allows you to be objective and unemotional in ways that she cannot. She is looking for an objective and evidence driven analysis and you should be seeking to provide a memo that has palpable objectivity at the heart of it. However, you are not actually providing any value to her if you only produce a great written analysis that she is not persuaded to follow. Subtle, undetectable tactics to influence her in the memo and overcome the biases that might be impacting her are important.
Remember that you should presume that you are a 3rd party consultant hired by Rita to write this memo advising her. She has asked for advice on what she should do. You are writing the memo directly to Rita. Do NOT write ABOUT her to some undefined third party.
Your memo should be a complete argument. A memo that advises a course of action that would not resolve her ultimate dilemma is incomplete.
Maximum of 700 words, excluding headers/footers. Efficiency is essential in every task that a businessperson does. I will stop reading after the 700th word in a memo and grade based on what I have read.
*Remember*that your job is to provide the value she is seeking, which is better ability to decide what to do. You should be helping her see the situation more clearly and analyze the outcomes of the choices she has and reach a conclusion as to which has the better overall outcomes.
You do not need to conduct any outside research for this. Take what is given in the case. You are not a licensed legal practitioner in India so she would not be wanting legal analysis on this.
Here is a template for structuring this memo. The template is very specific for the intro paragraph and you should precisely follow it when writing your memo. The rest of the template is less specific and has more room for you to do what you think is best.
Introduction Paragraph (the intro paragraph should be PRECISELY four sentences).
In a single sentence, plainly state the problem that is being addressed by the memo (why have you been hired to write this memo?)
In a single sentence, clearly identify each of the viable choices she has (remember – keep this simple for the sake of the assignment and resolve the basic underlying choice of she should sell the bond or not sell it).
In a single sentence articulate what her goal is (i.e. what is the criteria by which she should make the choice- remember we said above her goal is rooted in utilitarian ethics and she wants to do “the right thing” which for her is about doing whatever it is that best maximizes the outcomes considering all the stakeholders
In a single sentence, explicitly state which of the viable choices you recommend she do and briefly state why. (think of the why here as an explanation of how the choice recommended connects with the goal stated) From class today we talked about PRIMING. The goal of this sentence is to trigger a priming effect and get Rita to form a working hypothesis favorable to your assessment.
Body paragraph 1
Start with a single topic sentence that conveys your overall assessment of one of the choices identified in your introduction paragraph
Prove the overall assessment in the topic sentence correct in the remainder of the paragraph, providing evidence where appropriate
Body paragraph 2
Repeat body paragraph 1 for the other choice identified in your introduction paragraph
This can be very short. Tie together anything that needs to be tied together. Don’t waste time restating here.

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