A Global Conflict (The Palestine-Israel Conflict and the United States)

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The fourth essay is designed to engage the student to articulate how the deployment of contemporary cultures

(especially religions) in the service of global politics tends to shape contemporary worldviews as can be illustrated

by observing, analyzing, explaining, and evaluating the development and prospect of one global conflict [the

Palestine-Israel conflict and the United States] in which the United States is not only the main sponsor and enabler

of ONE side for over 70 years but it is also the main force that has involved or implicated most countries around

the world by simply rating them and treating them based on their positions on this global conflict. 

Rubric common to the four global analysis and critical thinking essays:

1. Each essay should follow the detailed format guidelines provided in its posted instructions, including the

use of Microsoft Word, the size of the essay in words and number of pages, no cover page, single spacing,

the specified margin size and justification, properly entered headers and footnotes, the specified font type

and size, and a fair number of paragraphs per page.

2. Each essay should be referenced with footnote citations entered properly (in Word, click “References”

then click “Insert footnote”) and in sequence at the bottom of each page according to the Notes [without

bibliography] system of The Chicago Manuel of Style Online.

3. Each essay should address directly, separately, and in sequence, each question asked based on the MOST

relevant and persuasive sources of the VAST, DIVERSE, BALANCED, CURRENT, and WELL

DOCUMENTED assigned short readings, PowerPoint slides, and videos shared by all class members.

4. Each essay should be original (free of any plagiarism), well written, persuasive, and free or almost free of

all spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.

5. Each essay should be formatted as a Microsoft Word file and uploaded through the TURNITIN software by

the specified deadline.


6. Beyond the above expectations (which are common to all four essays), there will be a few additional

expectations SPECIFIC to EACH essay and its topic (see the detailed instructions for each essay).


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