8-3 Project 3: Presentation AssignmentAfrican great apes to suffer massive range loss in next 30 yea

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Your presentation should use PowerPoint and include speaker notes. Ensure that your presentation includes the question you posed at the end of your question development worksheet. Note: If using PowerPoint, be sure to include speaker notes.

There are three projects for this course. In Project 1, you began your exploration of a natural science topic by selecting a news story and completing a topic
exploration graphic organizer. In Project 2, you continued your analysis of the news story and the natural science topic and ultimately developed a question that,
as a natural scientist, you would like to study. In Project 3, you will develop a presentation that discusses why your question is important and the value of
studying the natural sciences.
Project 3 will assess the following course outcomes:
● Investigate major developments in the natural sciences for informing critical questions that drive scientific inquiry
● Articulate the value of the natural sciences for their impact on contemporary issues

Using the question that you posed in Project 2, explain why the answer is important for understanding yourself, other people, and the world around you. In
addition, you will discuss how the natural sciences have developed to help us answer these important questions. Your presentation should include speaker notes
so that your instructor knows what you would be saying if you were actually giving the presentation. The critical elements of this project will be evaluated by the
information in your presentation. Be sure your actual question is apparent in the presentation.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Why is the question you identified important to you as a member of society?
II. Explain how finding the answer to your question might impact others around you. For example, who might be most interested in the answer to your
III. Explain why studying the natural sciences is valuable. In other words, what is the benefit of studying topics in the natural sciences?
IV. Describe the major developments in the natural sciences related to your topic. Use course resources to back up your discussion.
V. Detail the major developments in scientific thinking that support the study and advancement of the natural sciences as necessary and valuable. Use
course resources to back up your discussion.
VI. How do these developments in the natural sciences and scientific thinking inform questions about the topic in your news story? In other words, what is
the relationship between major developments in the natural sciences and the questions that natural scientists are interested in?
VII. Discuss the obligation that you have as a citizen of your society to understand the science behind issues that impact you every day. For instance, how
can bring a more scientifically informed member of society benefit you and your community?
Review the Presentation Supporting Resources document to help you create your presentation.
Throughout Modules Five through Eight, there are several opportunities to work directly on different elements of this project:
1. In Module Five, you will
a. Consider the benefits and value of studying the natural sciences.
b. Identify the major developments in the natural sciences that are related to your topic.
2. In Module Six, you will
a. Think about how developments in scientific thinking impact the way science is carried out.
b. Reflect upon how developments in the sciences influence the types of questions that researchers ask.
3. In Module Seven, you will
a. Question the importance of your selected topic and research question to you and the world around you.
b. Consider the benefits of understanding the science behind issues that you see in the news, and you will consider how it might impact those
around you. You will also practice creating a presentation that addresses these issues.
c. Consider the ethical concerns of your selected topic.
4. In Module Eight, you will
a. Again consider the importance of being an informed citizen, and you will reflect on the value of understanding and studying the natural sciences. Article :


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