8-1 Journal: Final Project Process Reflection

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Please follow the instructions the professor wants you to come up with your own thoughts about the project which I am writing about a business development for a government agency. It doesn’t matter which agency you can pick anyone to right about. Please read the attachments and follow them as well as what I have listed below. Please don’t use any resources because you are the resource.
In this journal, you have the opportunity to discuss privately with your instructor the status of your final project. At this point, you have completed all of your milestones and have received feedback, and you should be preparing to hand in your final project in Module Nine. What questions do you have for your instructor that might impact your final project? Do you feel that you understand the project? Are you on track to hand it in on time? This is a chance to alert your instructor if you need help, and to seek assistance and feedback. If you feel that you are in a good position, discuss what strategies you have implemented to get things done. For additional details, please refer to the Journal Guidelines and Rubric document.
Feedback from the Professor: Milestone 1
Although a very interesting research question, It doesn’t appear that it will lend itself to a decision model. While reviewing, put yourself in the position of a decision maker and ask yourself, what problem am I trying to solve? What decision do I need to make?
Again, without a data source to describe the explanation really focuses on the need for a data source rather than the source itself.
You spoke a lot about open data resources, but you didn’t mention a data source that you plan on leveraging to build this model.
Again, without a data source to describe the explanation really focuses on the need for a data source rather than the source itself.
Milestone 2
You described the structure of a decision tree but didn’t dive into the structure of YOUR decision tree as it relates to your research question.
You didn’t document the process you used to generate your decision model.
You discussed how results should be evaluated but didn’t apply these methods to your research question and model. What decision would you make based off of the models results?

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