3 Interviews – Organization Change

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Your task is to interview three employees; they can be in the same or different organizations. Ask

them to think back to an organizational change that they experienced, and to answer the following questions.

Were they presented with an organizational vision for this change, and if so:

What was the vision?

What effect did this have on them?

Were they involved in developing the vision?

To what extend did the vision motivate them to engage in the change?

How central was the vision to implementing the change?

If your interviewers were not given an organizational vision for this change, ask them: Would a vision have helped them to understand and become involved in the change? How important is vision to achieve organizational change?

Did they trust the leaders involved during the organizational change? Why/Why Not? How did this affect their attitude toward change?

If you don’t know individuals in organizations, you can interview personal stories too. Be sure to give a background for each individual and compare/contrast the three different interviews. This paper should be a minimum of two pages.

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