2 engineering Reports

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This is phase 2 of the assignment. Phase 1 was completed based on the following instructions:

You are required to select a specific Engineered System in any program/project that is a real case or future innovative idea for a system that shall serve the UAE.

you are required to upload your finding in this assignment to include the following:

1.  The problem statement that lead to the initiation of using that specific engineered system in the project/program.

2.  Overview of the project/program including all systems cost, and duration (schedule).

3.  Present the System’s Work Breakdown Structure (SWBS) down to the 3ed or 4th level if possible. 

4.  Using the SWBS, List all the objectives in a structured tree format.  This is going to be under a header called (Objectives Analysis).

5.  Show your references.

Instructions for this project (phase 2 are as follows)

Functional Analysis + Functional Flow Diagram or architectural process from systems view + the System’s Specifications and Requirement Analysis & Allocation.

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