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SOURCES: add primary sources per the attached recommended list
FORMAT: more like a report and not an essay
CONTENT: question 1 all 3 normative theories (Kantian,utilitarian, virtue ethics) should be applied and analysis should be more in depth.The pros and cons of the theory should be applied to give a full view.In the writeup only one theory is used for question 1 and must be expanded.Question 3 theory must be applied more deeply.A specific profession in operations manager must be chosen like General manager of supply chain operations ,exclusion and inclusion well articulated in terms of the job.The overall structure should read as a report rather than an essay. Focus on question 1 and 3 only for the preceding comments .For referencing focus on whole document.80% REFERENCING to be done with the attached resources and intext reference must be exhaustive as markingis strict.
OTHER: the revision is request post the review of draft by teacher and feedback to correct for final submission

please follow chicago 17 referencing for intext with page number and bibliography. each page should be 500 words and no margins to be drawn on a page.references should be not more than 2-3 years old and also heavily drawn from suggested list.pls answer question directly with no introductions and conclusions.

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