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Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Is buying essays online safe with VerifiedEssays.com?

Our company prioritizes safety. To ascertain that your personal data, email, and other information are stored according to your privacy policy, we comply with international data protection regulations. Furthermore, through cooperation with renowned cybersecurity companies such as McAfee secure, we manage to keep our visitors safe. We ensure the safety of our customer’s bank details by only using trusted payment systems.

When will I receive my essay?

It is worth noting that the average speed at VerifiedEssays.com is 1 page per hour. That said, we do our best to ensure that you receive your assignment on time, even if the deadline is 4 hrs away. Our company guarantee’s you timely delivery: almost 97% of our orders are delivered on time and others even before the client’s set deadline. In cases of a delay from our side, we offer a refund.

Will my essay paper be unique?

Every paper is composed from scratch based on your requirements. Our company does not use previously sold papers to our clients. Instead, we create original papers and check them through our plagiarism-detection software, therefore leaving no space for plagiarism to fit in.

How can I buy cheap essays online?

If you want to spend less money on your paper, pick a more extended deadline in the order form. Another factor that may result in you buying a paper at a lower price is if your assignment is short or if your academic level is high school or college. Lastly, you can lower your paper’s price by inviting a friend who will receive a discount for his or her first order. According to our reference program, once your friend approves his or her first order, you will receive a credit to your personal account.

How much will my essay cost?

At the cost of $10, you can buy 1 page of custom writing from our website. This set price allows us to collaborate with only the best writers and maintain the high quality of our papers. However, it is worth noting that the prices of our papers increase due to short deadlines and high academic levels. Also, depending on the add-ons you pick, the price of the paper might change. In addition, if you hire an expert from the USA, Canada, or the UK, whose native language is English, your paper will hit the new level leading to an additional fee of 30% on the price of the paper.

How to keep the assistance from writing services legit?

VerifiedEssays.com is a legal writing service that assists students with writing issues. For clients who aspire to become better writers and compose their own writings, we recommend using the papers they receive from our company as a guide or a source of inspiration. Thoroughly analyze the assignments we sent to know how to compose a paper of any type. In addition, we provide personalized manuals on your topic when you order a smart paper service along with your paper. As a result, you will get answers to all the questions on the subject and get a custom guideline on improving your writing.

How do I place an order online?

First and foremost,  you need to fill out the order form and submit payment. You will receive a link to your personal account once we get the money. Once you are done with the login process, you can track your order and communicate with your writer. Immediately the paper is completed, a notification will pop up with a link to the assignment in PDF format. After you have gone through the work and approved it, you will receive an editable version of the assignment. This entire process makes buying essays from our website accessible and fast.

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