Fair Use Policy

At VerifiedEssay, we’re committed to delivering products and services that our customers will enjoy. For this reason, there are no major restrictions on how our customers and visitors are able to utilize them. However, we expect all parties using VerifiedEssay to exercise their best judgement that adheres to ethical and educational standards. This policy outlines these expectations.

Ethical approach to educational services

We can only stay at the forefront of educational and academic services by making sure that you, as the customer, understand the most appropriate, legitimate, and ethical context for using our products and services.

If used appropriately, VerifiedEssay’s products and services can be a tremendous addition to the student’s toolkit.

This Fair Use policy is designed to guide you through the process of using our offerings and ensure that you understand how products and services delivered by VerifiedEssay should be utilized. This policy also ensures that anyone using VerifiedEssay.com and signing up for its services understands the implications of misuse and negligence and the necessity to follow ethical and academic standards when using the platform.

The slippery slope of plagiarism

Looming deadline, complex topics, or maybe even the inability to properly manage your time may result in a temptation to use our products and services, and present them as your own. This is related to the breadth of our services and products. This constitutes plagiarism, which is one of the most unethical forms of academic misconduct.

But the only appropriate way of using our products and services is to use them as guidance for your own research and academic discovery. Nothing more than that is considered ethical or appropriate for your academic development. We do not condone any forms of plagiarism, direct or indirect.

And, most importantly, such inappropriate use of VerifiedEssay may be detrimental to your test performance, as you miss out on all of the knowledge that you’re supposed to acquire in the process.

The biggest benefactor in case when you use the products and services properly is YOU. You can build a better research base, improve your own academic content delivery structure, depth of your thoughts, and even simply grammar. None of that is possible if you break this Fair Use policy.

To put everything said in this Fair Use policy more bluntly: using the output of our Products and Services as direct academic aids or to cheat the academic system is strictly forbidden. You are not allowed to use any of the guidelines, samples, academic examples, homework help materials or any other content presented on this website or delivered as a product or service to cheat.

The appropriate and ethical ways of using VerifiedEssay.com, it’s products and services

Our products and services are designed to show students the inner workings of model academic documents, as well as be an inspirational, thought-provoking content that should drive further academic research. Be that the model papers, samples, editing services, or any of the other products or services that we offer.

Here’s a list of appropriate applications for VerifiedEssay products and services:

  • Go through the delivered product to understand how VerifiedEssay covered the topic. In case of a model paper, this could be useful to understand how the topic can be addressed and which approach to take in your own handling of it. In case of grading services, it’s useful to learn about the gaps in your own content to ensure they’re properly addressed. The same principle applies to other VerifiedEssay products and services: use them to guide your own content, discover gaps in your research, thinking, or logic. Reverse engineer the academic components that apply them to your work.
  • Annotate the content to make note of useful facts, references, research findings, and ideas for your own work.
  • Use the annotations and notes to derive your own original content, ideas, and conclusions
  • Review the sources presented in any of our deliverables to ensure that you fully understand the underlying facts and findings to fuel your own work. This could also be a stepping stone to other relevant resources that can help you expand the basis of your work.
  • Condense all of your findings, notes, and research results to form a basis for your own work of its adjustments, depending on the type of service that you’ve used.
  • Use our products and services as guidance for structure, quality of sources, and other defining aspects of delivered content.
  • Avoid any potential unethical applications of our products and services by creating your own, original content, based on your own research and broadcasting your own perspective on the topic.

Fair use code of conduct

Anyone using VerifiedEssay should NOT, under any circumstances:

  • Knowingly facilitate any forms of academic cheating.
  • Commit plagiarism, directly aided by our products or services.
  • Facilitate or participate in activities that create circumstances for academic cheating in any form. Nor will they encourage such activities at any time.
  • Violate any policies established by any higher education organization with our products and services.
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