Marketing Analysis of Harley Davidson


Harley Davidson is a widely known brand and is respected by many. This brand holds many precious moments for families and friends. My neighbor’s father rides a Harley, and in the summertime, he would always give us rides behind the back of his motorcycle when the weather was beautiful. Recently his daughter got her own Harley Davidson to follow in her father’s footsteps, which I think is a lovely bond to have and share. As Harley’s Davidson’s customers are based mainly on the white, middle-aged males, the company does not have any significant insight in any other customer segment. As the target market is getting older, the company faces a lot of challenges to expand its market beyond its original customers. Harley’s Davidson needs to segment its customer into several other categories to fulfill the following situations:

  • The company may have a hard time surviving in the long run as the primary customer sector is getting older.
  • For long-term sustainability, they need to segment the market on various bases.
  • To increase its market share in the biker product category, the company needs to attract more customers, which is why segmentation is essential.

As I mentioned in the brief story, I wrote above though the Harley Davidson generation is getting older, the customer base can pass down the tradition to their family and friends and so on. Even its new outreach to include women in the hobby of riding motorcycling could be a great success for their company.

Harley Davidson can follow the strategies for different segmentation for a broader community:

Gender segmentation: – Attracting female customers towards their products will add a new feel of diversity. The company can start adding unisex products rather than a male-dominated product. The new website page Harley Davidson began to combine with helpful tips for women on picking out a bike is a great advantage start.

Age Segmentation: – For years now, the company’s main segment is a white male of the average age of 47 years. They must take their market toward a different direction into the youth and middle-aged customers. A way to grasp more attention, the company can process a variety of advertisement campaigns. They can run ads explicitly targeting the younger generation of bikers. Harley Davidson just recently imported the three-wheel Ultra Classic Trike. It was designed for older people who may have a sensitivity to balance.

Income Segmentation: – The price of their products is relatively high. They are priced exceptionally different upon the make, model, and year. The company should offer different types of bikes ranging from low cost, average cost, and luxury bikes. That way, a customer can decide which category fits there needs best. Or even provide financial payments so each class can have the bike of their choosing regardless of cost.

 Ethnic Segmentation: – Since the current bisection focuses more on white customers, they should also try to attract customers of another ethnicity. Bring on a wide diversity to the brand.

Women riders seem to be the topic of current change to the company, which Harley Davidson has done a great job, including them, to be a part of the biker community. The following steps are taken by Harley’s Davidson to attract women customers:

  • Harley Davidson offered a generous amount of free events with topics ranging from clothing to demonstrations on motorcycle repairs and maintenance.
  • Several sample bikes are offered to females so that they can have a trial run and experience the feel of driving.
  • The company also hosted an exclusive, women-only ride through the scenic Black Hills.
  • The company also created a tutoring program to help inexperienced riders. With this program, the rider is paired up with someone more experienced, who can teach her the basics of riding and dealing with maintenance and help form meaningful relationships with other women riders in the area.
  • The company also uploaded a video, which shows how a woman can handle the bikes. The video demonstrates how a fallen bike can be propped back up with relative ease if it is grasped in the right place.

Harley Davidson seems to be on the right track to keeping their company relevant and alive for future customers.


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