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Global Desi brand is an Indian brand and the founder of this company was Mukesh Sawlani, Anita Dongre, Meena Sehra. This is the one of the most leading fashion huts for every age. It serves a great combination of western and traditional dresses. Global desi offering different types of things from bridal stuff to handcraft jewelry. The sales of this product are above 2000 point with 280 brands stores over 105 cities. In 2013, global desi became the first investment firm who wants to launched Indian clothing. It is inspired by India’s colors and chaos. (global desi, n.d.)


Global Desi was founded in 1995 which is well maintained, well-renowned product in Indian market. As fashion plays a significant role in developing the confidence and personality of the person that’s why they give birth to global desi which left a great impression on the world. To make their product more traditional Anita Dongre worked with traditional artisans who made handmade products. Their products are affordable and simple. Not only this, Global Desi also serves accessories, tops, jackets, maxi, jumpsuits, Kurtis.

Why this product should be global? 

Global Desi is a combination of traditional and western clothes its add a different variety to person personality. There are serval reasons that why this product should be at global level which we discussed in below

  • Mixture of western and traditional dresses
  • Increase the economy of country
  • Indian culture is expanding day by day.
  • In many countries, especially in Nigeria people have same culture in dressing like India have so by adapting “GLOBAL DESI” they could add a grace in their culture.
  • Women’s get a variety of clothes in dresses and accessories from machinery products to handmade products.
  • Fabric made the people comfortable and they used cotton more in their products which greatly helpful in summers.
  • More demands raise on occasion, functional seasons.

Situational analysis: In situational analysis, we talk about internal strength and weaknesses of a company. Also, external threats and opportunities. It means who are the competitors of that company and what are their chances of success in a new target market. Below is the SWOT analysis of Global Desi:



  • Global Desi is an Indian brand of clothes. But its products are combination Indian and western products which can attract any individual who love who like to wear Indian or western clothes. (Bisht, n.d.)
  • It has near about 20 stores in various cities of India, which increase its strength because of its availability. (Global Desi SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP, n.d.)
  • “Anita Dongre, who is behind this brand is famous designer” (Global Desi SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP, n.d.)
  • This brand also has charity initiatives which is also a good strength to increase its sales. (Global Desi SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP, n.d.)
  • Its main strength is its vibrancy as it launches its new apparels every new season. (Global Desi SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP, n.d.)
  • It is affordable for every type of class from low to higher.


  • It only launches its product locally, which is its weakness. (SWOT ANALYSIS OF GLOBAL DESI, 2013)
  • New in market, lack of loyal customers. (SWOT ANALYSIS OF GLOBAL DESI, 2013)
  • Another weakness is lack of using advertising like promotion of products.
  • It has very few stores only in few cities. (SWOT ANALYSIS OF GLOBAL DESI, 2013)


  • They can spend more money to promote their product on international level. (Global Desi SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP, n.d.)
  • They should export their clothes and try to open stores in other countries to increase its sales. (SWOT ANALYSIS OF GLOBAL DESI, 2013)
  • Every country has Indian people, so they have opportunity to promote Indian wears in foreign nations. (Global Desi SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP, n.d.)
  • Demand of Indian clothes is rising in many nations.


  • Main threat of every company is their competitors. So, its main threat is established famous brands in market, which produce same products.
  • Another threat is trade policy of other countries like taxes, tariffs and transportation expenses to export products.
  • If they are going to launch their product globally, main threat is to find places to launch and also to cope up with other cultures.

TARGET MARKETS: As we know that a company who target age, interest, income, region to expand its market value and effort. Markets segmentation is a process which means dividing the total market based on different segmentation. Such as Demographic, Psychographic, Geographic and Behavioral. For target every company analyzed these segmentations while making the product.


  1. For this product the target market is women from age 18 to 34years.
  2. While making the product they focused this age group particularly because in this age group teenagers and married women are included and for them fashion plays a significant role.


  1. This product primarily focusses on women styles and interests as Indian culture and tradition enhance the beauty of every keeping this point in their mind they made GLOBAL DESI. Nowadays Indians their taste and preference in culture.
  2. Women is looking for causal and Indian dress.


When a company distributed its market based on geography.

  1. It focuses on urban and rural areas because both areas have fashion taste.
  2. It focuses on upper and middle class. (ARIF, 2013)


When a consumer buys any product by their behavior. For an instance when a product is display on display screen and customers select display product by their behavior.

  1. ‘’It also includes customers loyalty, interaction and frequency towards product.’’
  2.  ‘’It also observed consumers using habits, purchasing ability and spending order that how much a consumer spend on any product.’’ (fieldboom, n.d.)

Marketing Mix:


Product strategy: product strategy of this company is totally different because they focused on different age group specially women who follows the latest trend.


The main slogan of this company is GLOBAL STYLE INDIAN THREADS”


  • They made clothes for every size group from 18 to 35 age group because they intelligently identified their target market present the Indian ethnicity and it is great combo of non-western. For one dress they have different options. For example: for single top they could find three types in single top like crop top, long top, mid length top with different variations in colors also.
  • In jewelry section, women could find a large amount of varieties in every colour according to her taste or dress. Every shade is available from dark to light according to the customer choice and mood
  • For every season they have unique variety of collections like for function and occasion they used different stuffs for enchasing the beauty of every women in match the fashion needs GLOBAL DESI offering a huge number of discounts and gift policies which attracts large number of ladies.
  • Average store size of GLOBAL DESI is 1200sq ft. They used lighting to make their stores more highlighted in the eyes of customer.
  • Packaging of product is simple and traditional which is very eye catching. (bisht)

Place strategy: It differ to how an organization will place its product from one place to another place for customer purchasing.

  1. It retailed around 38 stores and 73 shop to shop.
  2. Its target to reach in upcoming era by 100 stores by increasing its invisibility.
  3. It also launches its product recently in GUAWAHTI.
  4. It uses supply chain distribution type of sending products to distributors, wholesalers and then to retailers
  5. We can also find its products in local cloth stores which are specially opened by them and also in malls.

FUTURE PLANS: In future Anita Dongre wants to expand her business in Mumbai. This time her family support to expand her business. (Anthony, 2013)

Promotion Strategies:

Global Desi ‘s promotion strategies are different. They have different kinds of promotion policies

  • They promote their brand by providing outfits for celebrities. Recently many celebrities especially women spotted in the outfit of its designs. This can be considered one of the most noted promotions because if the celebrity personalities adore this fashion it would definitely accept by the public.
  • The second one is through social media. They have their pages in social Medias such as face-book, Instagram and Pin-interest etc. where there are millions of users so that all the users ‘of this website may find out this brand and have a look at it. This is one among the common promotion strategies used by many other business organizations.
  • Anita Dongre, the designer head of the brand held a street talk in order to promote their summer wear collection in different streets in India such as Kolkata, Pune, and Chennai etc.
  • Also Global Desi provides advertisements in television, newspaper, radio, pamphlets to reach the public which is also effective in its own way.
  • They provide their customers the opportunity to give their feedbacks in their website which would help the company to enhance their marketing policies.
  • It offers gift vouchers to the customers as well as other things like footwear’s, handbags etc.
  • It provides every kind of outfits either it is Indian or western and also fusion wears can also get from there. (Bhagnani, 2012)

Price strategies:

  • The products are affordable to every member of the society. Because there are different price rates for each dress, that they consider each member of the society.
  • The price differs according to the type of the dress and the occasion which people use to wear it for instance, the price of bridal wear is different from casual Kurtis and skirts and the price of designer wear is also different form that of western wear.
  • They consider the type and material of the dress to give it a certain price also the design also affects the price of the product.
  • They follow competitive pricing strategy. In order to stand up among other fashion designing organizations. (National Stories National Stories | International Stories, 2015)


GLOBAL DESI Is such a variety of Indian clothes which serves number of products, accessories to women. It is unique and simple. Its quality makes it different from other fashion organizations. They have a lot of competitors like fabindia so it advantageous to make it global brand so that in future every woman could wear the fusion of Indo-western dress.


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